I am responsible for the Mid-Market Proposition within ABL Group in Belfast which involves seeking out new routes to market as we constantly strive to offer the best product and of course the best value for our clients.   

I also play a role in developing how we service our clients, so I’m always talking to my colleagues about ways we can exceed expectations.

My insurance career started in a brokerage in a small provincial town in Northern Ireland before I moved to a larger firm in Belfast. From there I moved to work in Edinburgh where I remained for a number of years.

I loved living in Edinburgh, it’s a fantastic city and I still try to make it back there as often as I can but like so many of us here, we’re drawn back home and eventually, I decided to return to Northern Ireland.

When I returned to Belfast, I joined Willis and remained there until it became part of ABL Group in late 2021.

The move to ABL Group has provided a fresh start for all the former Willis staff and I think has been an injection of new energy and new thinking to ABL Group too.

We’ve been warmly welcomed by our new teammates and after a remarkably short time, we felt right at home. It helps that we are lucky enough to be located in one of the finest office spaces in Belfast with arguably the best view in town.

I live in Belfast with my husband, and I have two grown-up sons who went to university in GB and have not made their way back yet - although I live in hope that they will feel the same pull back to their home as I did!

When I’m not working, you’ll find me playing golf. A perfect day for me would be spent playing with friends or family on a favourite course. The sun would be shining, the course would be at the optimal condition and of course, all the putts would drop…