David Sinnamon, Executive Director

I have a long track record in Risk Management, having been a Risk Manager or Risk Management Consultant for the past 12 years. Before this, I worked as a QSHE (Quality, Safety, Health & Environment) Manager for a multinational in the manufacturing, supply and civil engineering sector.

In my time as a risk manager, I’ve dealt with organisations in every sector and seen the best and worst of health and safety practices! I’ve learned a lot from those best practice examples but working with organisations that struggle with their health and safety procedures is a learning experience too.

When a client has encountered resistance from their workforce over a new health and safety regimen, it often comes down to a fear of the unknown and a misperception that there is going to be a big increase in the admin.

At ABL we believe that effective risk management must be practical, manageable and complementary to our client's core business operations. We do not produce mountains of complex paperwork for our clients to manage– an approach which meets little resistance and makes a marked difference in how quickly change is adopted by an organisation.

Our clients respond to the fact that we do not have ‘off-the-shelf’ products or systems. All of the risk solutions we develop in respect of fire, security, business continuity, environmental or claims defensibility risks are specific to each client’s risk profile.

In May 2022 I was named Executive Director for Risk Management with ABL Group and I’m delighted to lead this area of the business. ABL’s ongoing investment in risk management is evidence of our commitment to helping our clients identify and mitigate risks which have the potential to impact their business.

Outside of work, when I’m not spending time with my wife and kids, I can generally be found coaching hockey or trying to fit in a quick trip to the gym.

I like to think that since joining ABL in 2020 I’ve become an integral part of the team and our service offering but even my closest colleagues might not know that one of my most prized possessions is a replica ‘Dusty Bin’ signed by ‘3-2-1’ quiz show host Ted Rogers. I am available to teach any colleague the signature 3-2-1 hand gesture upon request…