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Trade Credit Insurance

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Trade Credit Insurance, sometimes referred to as simply "credit insurance" provides protection to businesses against the impact of bad debt, caused by the failure of their customer to pay for goods or services sold on credit.

With the majority of b2b organisations selling on credit, this important new insurance product gives added security for the future of your business. Trade Credit Insurance allows you to forecast revenue more accurately, plan for your organisation's future and reduce the workload of your credit control team. 

In an increasingly volatile world, this type of insurance can protect against risks that may have been unforeseeable for your business. This even extends to Political Risks where necessary, so your business can be protected against disruptions caused by political turmoil, protest, war or other geo-political forces.

Domestic and Export sales can both be covered. 

As well as vital protection against the potentially catastrophic effects of bad debt, credit insurance also provides many other benefits:

  • Increased market intelligence on your customers
  • Supports positive business growth
  • Ability to target new quality customers
  • Greatly reduces bad debt reserve requirement
  • Greater access to finance facilities
  • Fast replacement of working capital
  • Enhances credit management procedures

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