Davison Lamont is now part of ABL Group

The Davison Lamont team have already joined their new ABL teammates in our headquarters in Belfast City Quays and are now part of a global team, thanks to our relationship with Brown & Brown - one of the world’s largest insurance Firms.

This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in our journey, reinforcing ABL Group's commitment to growth and excellence in the commercial insurance consultancy sector.

Why This Union Matters

Davison Lamont, co-founded by Brian Davison and Niall Lamont in 2012, is celebrated for its bespoke insurance consultancy services, facilitating optimal insurance placements for a wide array of businesses across the region.

What This Means for You

The union between Davison Lamont and ABL Group is a fantastic opportunity for clients of both firms!

  • Bespoke Insurance Solutions: With Davison Lamont becoming part of our family, we expand our ability to provide tailored insurance consultancy services, ensuring your unique needs are met with precision and care.
  • A United Force: Joining hands with this esteemed company allows us to leverage our collective strengths, offering our clients an enriched portfolio of services and solutions.
  • A Global Team: The team from Davison Lamont now have a wider set of relationships, resources and the buying power which comes from being part of a global firm.

Looking Ahead Together

As we move forward, united by a shared vision of service excellence, we are excited to welcome our new teammates from Davison Lamont to our Belfast headquarters at City Quays.

Sister company Davison & Associates has also been acquired by ABL Group / Brown & Brown Europe and this team has also joined us at our City Quays offices. However, Davison & Associates will continue to serve clients and indeed, reach entirely new clients, as a specialist claims handling business within the Brown & Brown team.

Maurice Boyd, CEO of ABL Group, along with Brian Davison, Niall Lamont, and our entire team, look forward to building upon our legacy of success. We are committed to achieving new heights of excellence, enhancing our client proposition, and welcoming new clients into our fold.

Your Trusted Partners

At ABL Group, your trust and satisfaction remain our highest priority. We are here to support you through this transition and beyond, ensuring a seamless experience as we integrate the strengths of our new family members into our comprehensive suite of services. Thank you for your continued partnership and trust in ABL Group. Here's to a future filled with growth, success, and unparalleled service.