Winter Commercial Building Maintenance Tips

Tradesperson working to maintain buildings for winter

Winter in the UK can often feel cold and long, and it can take a toll on commercial buildings. If your industry tends to slow down in the run-up to Christmas, it could be a good time for you to make sure your buildings are properly maintained before temperatures drop further and the weather worsens.

Businesses should consider these commercial building maintenance tips:

  • Routine maintenance checks—Pipework, boiler and plumbing systems should be regularly inspected year-round. As winter approaches, such checks become even more important because a failure in one of these systems—eg not having hot water—will impact both customers and employees. Pipe insulation should be checked, too. In colder conditions, exposed pipes could freeze, expand and burst.
  • Electrical analysis—Electronic components and appliances should be checked thoroughly to make sure they’re working safely and don’t present any risks. The review should include electrical switches, sockets and fuse boxes. Finding any cracks or signs of deterioration early will allow a business to correct the problem before it gets worse, saving time and money in the long run.
  • Roof and gutter inspection—A thorough roof inspection will allow businesses to spot potential structural issues early and ensure gutters are free from debris. Intense rain spells—more likely in winter—make it easier for gutters to become clogged, causing rotting and water damage to the fascia board.
  • Flooding preparation—Flood damage currently costs the UK around £1.3 billion each year. Businesses should check if their insurance policy covers flood damage and consider how best to mitigate risk (eg storing stock above flood level).
  • Alarm check—Businesses should examine and service any fire and burglar alarms to ensure they’re secure and protected.

Though planning for a disaster is a lot of work, cleaning up after one is worse.

Proper maintenance allows a commercial business to spot potential problems early and take action. Paying attention to regular maintenance will help a business avoid unnecessary costs down the line and ensure safety and security for its employees and customers.

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