Help Remote Employees Stay Cool During a Heatwave

Remote work is here to stay. Given that new reality, organisations will have to get used to a number of intricacies that come with this type of work arrangement. As summer temperatures continue to rise, it’s important for employers to remember that many of their employees do not have access to air conditioning.

Employers still bear a certain level of responsibility for employees staying safe while working from houses or flats that may not have the same comforts as a traditional workplace.

In addition to ensuring employees are safe from any heat-related risks, organisations must also understand productivity could be impacted if workers are uncomfortable, fatigued or dehydrated. Even in the case of remote employees, employers still have a duty to make sure workers have a safe environment and are not at risk of heat illness.

To ensure remote employees are staying safe during hot weather, consider the following steps:

  • Check—Managers should be instructed to check on remote workers regularly to verify their work environment is safe.
  • Remind—While checking in, managers should also remind employees to stay hydrated by drinking water and avoiding excessive amounts of caffeinated beverages.
  • Relax—Remote employees may already have a looser dress code than they would in an office environment, but employers may need to consider further relaxing these policies to help employees stay comfortable.
  • Consider—Many employers have already provided equipment to employees who work remotely, but it may be worth adding to that list. Consider if substituting different electronic devices may generate less heat in employees’ homes. Organisations could also consider providing workers with fans.
  • Be aware—Employers must continue to be considerate of any employees who may have a disability or condition that would make working in high temperatures more difficult or even dangerous.

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