Ensure Proper Safety Precautions for Employees Who Drive for Work

Operating a motor vehicle comes with a number of inherent risks for both individuals and organisations. It’s important for any employers that include driving in employees’ responsibilities to take proper precautions.

As an employer, you are not only responsible for the health and safety of employees who get behind the wheel, but you may also be held liable for accidents or injuries that the employee might cause to others. If your organisation is found to be responsible for an incident that occurred while an employee was operating a vehicle, it could have severe financial consequences.

In addition, partners or clients may lose confidence in your drivers or even your organisation as a whole.
With these potential repercussions in mind, employers should take the following steps in order to minimise risk related to employee driving:

  • Assess risks—Any employers that have workers who drive are required to conduct a risk assessment that includes the employees and any others who might be affected by their driving.
  • Establish policies—Keep driving-related tasks formally organised by implementing processes for planning journeys, training drivers and conducting vehicle maintenance.
  • Check qualifications—It’s important for employers to be sure that their employees are allowed to utilise vehicles for intended tasks. Employers can check which vehicles their employees are allowed to drive, as well as review drivers’ penalty points or disqualifications by clicking here.
  • Insure properly—Some motor insurance policies may not cover employees who use their own personal vehicle to drive for work-related reasons. Check with employees to learn more about their cover and obtain the proper policies if necessary.
  • Consider eye care—Given their responsibilities, drivers must have adequate vision. Employers should ensure that drivers have their vision checked regularly and consider comprehensive eye care programmes.

When an organisation sends employees out on to the road, they must be aware of not only risks that may affect the employee themselves, but also everyone else who they will share the road with. For more information, contact us today.