New Employee Appointment- David Sinnamon, Risk Manager

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome David Sinnamon to the ABL Group. David has extensive experience in the fields of health and safety and property loss control within the construction, manufacturing and transport & supply sectors and is sure to be a fantastic addition to TeamABL.

David will be working across all of the ABL Group, both within ABL, as well as with Digney Grant and McGrady Insurance, helping all our clients manage risk effectively.

In addition to this, David will also be available to offer help and assistance to businesses wishing to manage risk more efficiently

Some Words from David...

"I have been a Risk Manager for nine years and worked in insurance for in excess of 12 years. I have also worked as a safety manager for a large civil engineering company and health, safety, quality and environment manager for a multinational organisation engaged in manufacturing and supply.

"I have engaged with large public and private sector clients to manage and mitigate their operational risks in a range of areas including:

  • Health and safety
  • Claims management and claims defensibility
  • Development of quality and environmental management systems
  • Development of ISO45001 safety management systems
  • Fleet management
  • Property risk management – flooding, fire and security
  • Business continuity planning

Client Assistance

"At ABL Group, we appreciate that Government lockdown restrictions and social distancing requirements have significantly impacted key operational risks in respect of our client’s businesses including;

  • Increased lone working risk
  • Fire safety and security at unoccupied properties
  • Stress management
  • Maintenance of key plant & equipment
  • Reduced levels of supervision
  • Welfare, hygiene and social distancing

"We want to help our clients manage these risks effectively and would ask that you contact us to discuss any assistance that we may be able to offer in greater detail".

All the best.


Got a question for David?

Mobile: 073 8481 8145




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Our Risk Manager, David Sinnamon has significant experience within occupational Health and Safety in a variety of industries and sectors