Keeping Your Employees and Business Safe After a Storm

Home Insurance for Storm damage

Gale-force winds and storms are the most common cause of damage to property and many businesses in England are living that reality right now. 

It's (highly!) unlikely that this will be the last extreme weather we'll see this year, so we have put together some tips for keeping your employees and property safe after a storm.

• Stay alert for extended rainfall or flooding.

• Do not touch any electrical or telephone cables that were blown down or are still hanging.

• Stay away from walls, buildings and trees that look like they may have been weakened.

• Walk carefully around any property and check for loose power lines, gas leaks and structural damage before entering.

• Inspect your property for damage. Take pictures of the damage, both of the building and its contents, for insurance purposes.

• Wear protective clothing and be cautious when cleaning up or making repairs.

• Make sure everyone around you is safe.

• Never use a generator inside enclosed spaces, sheds or similar areas, even when using fans or opening doors and windows for ventilation. Deadly levels of carbon monoxide can quickly build up in these areas and can linger for hours, even after the generator has shut off.

• Stay safe when severe weather strikes by being prepared and checking weather forecasts and warnings.

Finally, we'd advise everyone to prepare a business interruption plan for your business to help you plan for what happens if your business has to stop working until repairs are safely completed or people can safely return to work. Our team of health and safety experts can help you with this and all other areas of risk management. Contact us today.