aerial view belfast from ABL head office


Taking our knowledge and experience and doing things differently

ABL Group understand that you need to give your business 100% – let us sort out the best insurance solution for you at the right price

Our focus is on business in Northern Ireland and we believe strongly that with the experience our team has acquired in the global insurance broking environment combined with our local business knowledge we have a unique blend of qualities to offer clients.

ABL has a high degree of local autonomy and we base our decision making on what is the right way for us to look after clients here. We do not have to conform to a global business model which is not necessarily developed with the scale and feel of business in Northern Ireland in mind – this means that we have complete freedom to offer the service model and insurance programme which best suits our client.

In practice, this means offering a carefully balanced combination of risk management and insurance solutions – all designed around the specific needs and budget of each individual client.

It’s a process that starts with our highly skilled team gaining insight, building relationships and developing a true understanding of our clients and their very different business sectors. Combine that with our strong local control, and every organisation that comes to ABL can be sure we’re working for their best interests.


Large businesses have very specific insurance needs. Our Corporate team have the experience and expertise to advise you properly


Your business needs your attention 100% - let our Commercial team find the right insurance solution at the right price and let you get on with what you do best


Our experienced Motor Trade team looks after a huge variety of motor trade operations and deal with the widest range of insurance companies in this specialised market


Personal insurance can be very complex. Why not let our knowledgeable and approachable team look after this for you?